Rate groups

Whatever your category within the program, you can enjoy the benefits of traveling in Premium Business or Premium Economy. If you've got the necessary amount of kilometers in your account, you can redeem an upgrade with your LANPASS kilometers for any of the fare groups you've purchased.

  • Rate groups for UPG coupons

    When can I apply for an upgrade using coupons or unlimited Comodoro upgrades?

    From April 1, 2010, upgrades will only be available for tickets purchased from the Base Plus, Flexible and Full Flexible rate groups.

    Don’t forget that tickets can come from different rate groups for the outbound and return trips and application for the upgrade benefit is validated separately according to the outbound and return rate groups paid.

    The following table shows the rate groups LAN tickets are sold in. Upgrades apply for the Base Plus group and up.

    Rate groups


    The eight character code that you’ll find in this section refers to the base rate. The rate group is the code that is found in fourth and fifth place.

    Postulación Upgrade 3


    1. Minors travelling on discounted child and/or infant commercial rates cannot opt for the LANPASS UPG benefit. Only children with adult rate tickets can opt for this benefit.

    2.- If your ticket has already been issued and does not comply with the minimum rate group required to benefit from an upgrade, you may ask for your ticket to be reissued according to a higher rate group, paying the difference and subject to the rate’s regulations and availability at the time. This can be done before the flight at LAN offices and through the LANPASS Call Center, paying by credit card.*

    * For tickets issued from April 1st onwards.

    Important: LAN offices at airports are not authorized to carry out this type of ticket reissue.