• Entertainment

    Enjoy the unique experience of air-travel with LAN and TAM. We offer you the best attention, service and onboard entertainment at all times. You will find a great selection of movies, music and games on our flights with individual screens (Boeing 787 and Boeing 767), plus the best selection of series and programmes on our general screens. You can also enjoy our award-winning magazines.

    On-board entertainment

    In order for you to enjoy your flight even more, you will have the best music, television series and movies available on the way to your destination. We feature many entertainment options depending on the duration of your flight.

    If you are going to travel on our fleet of Boeing 787 or Boeing 767 aircraft, you will find an individual screen at your seat with over 1.000 entertainment options. You can choose from over 100 movies on board the flight including blockbusters, the most outstanding movies from Latin America and a wide selection of classic films. You can also enjoy complete seasons of three series: "Games of Thrones", "House of Cards" and "Boardwalk Empire". If you prefer to watch television, we have 45 different programs of all genres.

    For music lovers, we have over 1,000 complete albums for you to listen to. We also have 10 radio stations with different styles and renew our programming periodically. You can also have fun with any of our 25 games and play them on your own or with other passengers.

    Our flights with general screens (Airbus 319, Airbus 320 and Airbus 321) also offer a selection of series and movies to keep you entertained during the flight.

    Forget about the "Off" button

    On flights operated by LAN Chile, Colombia and Ecuador, you can keep your electronic devices (cell phones, tablets or laptops) turned on as long as the “airplane mode” is activated during the entire flight. We are pioneers in South America in the use of this technology, and this service will gradually become available in the other South American countries.

    Entertainment on your Smartphone or Tablet

    If you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop computer or any other type of electronic device, don't forget to take it on-board. If you travel on our Airbus 320 fleet, starting in January you can enjoy movies, music, television series and the flight map on your own device, so that your trip flies by.

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