LAN destination guide: South America

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  • South America

    A destination where culture, history, modern cosmopolitan cities, and nature unite to offer their best while showing you all of its wonders. From the driest desert to the most turquoise lakes and thousand year old glaciers against miles of ice fields, breathtaking waterfalls, vineyards that produce award winning wines and the extensive Amazon Jungle.

    From ancient Inca civilizations and captivating Islands offering miles of beautiful beaches on its coasts to spectacular Ski slopes in its mountains, South America awaits. Each of its countries offers an unparalleled experience of untouched nature, ancient cultures, modernity and entertainment, all placed against a backdrop of spectacular sceneries.

    LAN offers daily flights to South America from over 30 cities in North America. Special offers and promotions are updated daily to provide you with the best deals to more than 50 destinations in South America. "Content provided by LAN"

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