Destination guide: Chiclayo, Peru

Chiclayo is in north-western Peru, near the border with Ecuador. Its main attractions are pre-Inca archaeological remains and its cuisine.

Chiclayo is also known as the "City of Friendship" due to the warmth and hospitality of its inhabitants.

Fly with LAN and visit the Huaca Rajada archaeological complex or the Señor del Sipan, the ruins of ancient civilizations and beach resorts such as Pimentel, where you can see the typical reed boats that are made in Peru.

  • Chiclayo

    Spanish missionaries founded a small rural community on this site in the 16th century. Either by chance, or through help from above, Chiclayo has prospered ever since. In one of the first sharp moves in Peruvian real estate, the missionaries chose a spot that sits at the hub of vital trade routes connecting the coast, the highlands and the deep jungle. Chiclayo’s role as the commercial heart of the district has allowed it to overtake other once-vital organs of the region, such as the nearby city of Lambayeque, and this bustling metropolis shows few signs of slowing down.

    La Ciudad de la Amistad (the City of Friendship) holds a friendly, outstretched hand to the wayward venturer. While it’s shaking hands hello, it will probably slip in a bold mix of unique regional dishes to tickle your taste buds. The dozens of tombs with Moche and Chimú archaeological booty surrounding the area should not be missed.

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