Destination guide: Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is an important financial center in Germany (Europe) and one of the country's most culturally diverse cities.

It's here that the world's biggest book fair is held and where you can visit the Fountain of Justice, the Goethe and Old Opera House, the Frankfurt Zoo (one of the oldest in the world), the Zeil Gallery, the Palmengarten Botanical Garden and the Museum Riverbank. 

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  • Frankfurt

    Unashamedly high-rise, Frankfurt-on-the-Main (pronounced 'mine') is unlike any other German city. Bristling with jagged skyscrapers, - the focal point of an urban area with over 5 million inhabitants - is a true capital of finance and business, home base for one of the world's largest stock exchanges as well as the European Central Bank (www.ecb.int). It also hosts some of Europe's most important trade fairs, including the largest book and motorcar fairs anywhere.

    Yet Frankfurt consistently ranks as one of the world's most liveable cities, with a rich collection of museums (second only to Berlin's), lots of parks and greenery, a lively student scene, excellent public transport, fine dining and plenty to do in the evening. Nightspots range from cosy neighbourhood apple-wine taverns to some of Europe's most thumping techno-discos.

    Frankfurt's airport, the region's biggest employer, is the third-largest in Europe, handling some 53 million passengers per year. Hotel prices rise precipitously during major trade fairs, so plan ahead

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