Destination guide: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Spain and Europe.

Barcelona offers an endless number of tourist attractions, such as the Gothic Quarter (where civic activities are carried out and where you can visit the remains of an ancient wall built during the Romen Empire), Gracia Street (built by Gaudi, who infused the city's streets with a touch of Modernism), the Olympic Port and, of course, the nightlife that makes this city so much fun. 

Plan your trip to Barcelona and get ready to enjoy the mildness of its Mediterranean climate, the charm of its historical sites and a diverse cultural scene.

  • Barcelona

    Sun-kissed and lapped by the Mediterranean, Barcelona is a dynamo where people work hard and play hard. A magnet for architecture buffs, foodies and night owls, it is a pleasure for all the senses.

    Life pulsates at high pressure through the streets of this compact city. An economic powerhouse, ‘Barna’ displays a zest for life, artistic genius and sense of style few cities can rival. It also seems to be in a permanent state of self-renewal, its skyline constantly altering as neglected districts come in for their beauty treatment.

    Barcelona’s medieval boom period left it with one of Europe’s most impressive Gothic legacies. Centuries later the Modernistas, led by Antoni Gaudí, cast an unparalleled whimsical Art Nouveau splash across the city. Today a phalanx of international design stars is adding to this impressive heritage with landmark 21st-century buildings.

    In this cauldron of culinary activity, monument-gazing can create a substantial appetite. Traditional restaurants and alfresco seafood eateries rub shoulders with a new wave of designer dens run by the city’s avant-garde chefs.

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