Destination guide: Santiago, Chile

Santiago is Chile's economic and cultural heart. From the Financial District to the outlying residential areas, travelling to Santiago presents visitors with numerous possible avenues to explore.

There are many other sights to see in the city. Enjoy one of the manytours available to showcase the beauty of modern day Santiago. Afterward, enjoy a stroll through the Fine Arts Museum, or along one of the bustling streets of this lively city.

  • Santiago

    If Latin America's cities are a family of hotheads and outrageous flirts, then Santiago's the cool, well-balanced sibling who knows what's what and just gets on with it.

    The rest of Chile does a roaring trade in life-changing views and earth-shattering experiences. In the capital, pleasures are more measured. Think diverse dining, walks in parks, kicking nightlife, low-key hiking and skiing on its outskirts, and an independent cultural scene that's slowly blossoming. And for all Santiago's differences with its Latino neighbors, it still has its fair share of fin-de-siècle townhouses and colonial mansions, hectic food markets, steaming street-side snack stands, mass demonstrations and hordes of fanatical football fans, all overlooked by the stark peaks of the Andes.

    Glance at any road map of Chile and it's clear that all roads lead to Santiago. Chances are your trip will come through here, so take a couple of days to see the city. Forget the putdowns: whether you're running errands, shopping for dinner or planning a night on the tiles, this is the place to give out-and-out touring a break and live a little more like a local.

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