Destination guide: Mendoza & Nearby, Argentina

Mendoza is the main wine-producing area in Argentina and one of the largest producers of Malbec in South America. Don’t put it off any longer, purchase your tickets to Mendoza and visit the wine route, enjoy the winter in ski centers like Las Lenas and Los Penitentes and discover the magic of the forests and gardens of the General San Martin Park, inside which there are more than 300 species of plants, together with dozens of decorative statues.

  • Mendoza - Things to do


    Iglesia, Convento y Basílica de San Francisco

    Many mendocinos (people from Mendoza) consider the image at this church of the Virgin of Cuyo, patron of San Martín's Ejército de los Andes (Army of the Andes), miraculous because it survived Mendoza's devastating 1968 earthquake. In the Virgin's semicircular chamber, visitors leave tributes to her and to San Martín. A mausoleum within the building holds the remains of San Martín's daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, which were repatriated from France in 1951.

    Latitude: -32.8866404900000/ Longitude:-68.8415832519531
    Opening Hours:09:00-13:00 Mon-Sat
    : Admission Arg$2
    Address: Necochea 201, City Center

    Museo Fundacional

    Mendoza’s Museo Fundacional protects excavations of the colonial cabildo (town council), destroyed by an earthquake in 1861. At that time, the city’s geographical focus shifted west and south to its present location. A series of small dioramas depicts Mendoza’s history, working through all of human evolution as if the city of Mendoza were the climax (maybe it was).

    Latitude:-32.8798977300000 / Longitude: -68.8281752700000
    Telephone Number: +54 261 425 6927
    Opening Hours:8am-8pm Mon-Sat, 3-10pm Sun
    Pricing: Admission AR$10
    Address: cnr Alberdi & Videla Castillo, Ciudad Vieja

    Museo Histórico General San Martín

    Museo Histórico General San Martín honors José de San Martín, the general who liberated Argentina from the Spanish and whose name graces parks, squares and streets everywhere in Argentina; the Libertador is especially dear to Mendoza, where he resided with his family and recruited and trained his army to cross into Chile. The museum is in a small arcade just off Av San Martín.

    Latitude:-32.8821555500000/ Longitude: -68.8369735800000
    Sub-Type: Museum
    Number: +54 261 425 7947
    Opening Hours:9am-1pm & 4-8pm Mon-Fri
    Pricing: Admission AR$7
    Address: Remedios Escalada de San Martín 1843

    Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno

    Underground at the Plaza Independencia, the Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno is a relatively small but well-organized facility with modern and contemporary art exhibits. Free concerts and theatrical performances are usually held here on Sunday night at 8pm – stop by for the weekly program.

    Latitude:-32.8931660800000/ Longitude: -68.8449197300000
    Sub-Type: Gallery
    Telephone Number: +54 261 425 7279
    Opening Hours: 9am-8pm Tue-Sat, 4-8pm Sun & Mon
    Extras: Plaza Independencia

    Parque Provincial Aconcagua

    The region's most famous park is Parque Provincial Aconcagua, home of 6962m (22841ft) Cerro Aconcagua, the highest peak outside the Himalayas and a favorite climbing destination. Reaching the summit requires a commitment of at least 13 to 15 days, including acclimatization time. Potential climbers may like to acquire RJ Secor's climbing guide Aconcagua (Seattle, The Mountaineers, 1999). Non-climbers can trek to base camps and refugios (rustic shelters) beneath the permanent snow line. From December to March, permits are obligatory for both trekking and climbing in Parque Provincial Aconcagua; park rangers at Laguna Horcones will not permit visitors to proceed up the Quebrada de los Horcones without one. Fees vary according to the complex park-use season.

    Sub-Type: Mountain
    Telephone Number: +54 261 425 2090
    Address: W of Mendoza / Extras: N of RN 7 



    It’s hard to figure what’s the bigger draw here – the rustic-chic decor, the small but creative menu or the extensive wine list. Who cares? Enjoy them all.

    Latitude: -32.8885405300000 / Longitude:-68.8492128000000
    Sub-Type: Argentine
    Telephone Number: +54 261 429 4200
    Opening Hours: Lunch & dinner Mon-Sat
    Pricing: Mains AR$50-70
    Price Range
    : High
    : Av Sarmiento 765

    Cocina Poblana

    The very tasty, inexpensive Middle Eastern food (hummus, falafel, dolmas) here comes as a welcome break from all that steak. The shish kebab served with tabouleh salad is a definite winner.

    Latitude: -32.8924031400000 / Longitude:-68.8532216000000
    Sub-Type: Felafel
    Telephone Number: +54 261 551 3949
    Opening Hours:lunch & dinner Mon-Sat
    Pricing: dishes AR$25-30
    Price Range: Low
    Address: Av Arístides Villanueva 217


    Up on the 10th floor in the middle of town, this modern restaurant/wine bar offers a good range of well-cooked dishes with distinctly un-Argentine ingredients like quinoa, alongside sushi and risotto. If the meals seem pricey, the coffee is a good enough excuse to soak up the views from the sunny terrace. Catch the elevator in the Gómez building on Garibaldi. Don't bother looking for the sign - there isn't one

    Sub-Type: International
    Opening Hours: Lunch & dinner
    Price Range: Moderate
    Address: Av San Martín & Garibaldi, City Center / Extras: 10th fl, Gómez Bldg


    Av Arístides Villanueva

    For a great night on the town, walk down Av Arístides Villanueva, where it's bar after bar; in summer, entire blocks fill with tables and people enjoying the night.

    Type: Drink
    Sub-Type: Bar
    Address: City Center

    El Punto

    A sea of white vinyl upholstery and laid-back electronica make this little bar a favorite for mixed drinks and cocktails.

    Latitude: -32.8920255800000 / Longitude:-68.8549543700000
    Type: Night
    Sub-Type: Bar
    Address: Av Arístides Villanueva 305, City Center.

    Fin Sin

    For the nightowls, this is the best, most reliable live music venue in town. Things kick off around 23:00 with happy hour, heat up around 01:00 when the first band hits the stage and keep going 'til sunup. Stop by for the weekly program.

    Latitude: -32.8914638300000 / Longitude:-68.8379839900000
    Sub-Type: Live Music
    Opening Hours: Thu-Sat
    Website: finsin.spaces.live.com
    Address: Primitivo de la Reta 1053, City Center


    Av Las Heras

    Av. Las Heras is lined with souvenir shops, leather shops, chocolate stores and all sorts of places to pick up cheap Argentine trinkets. Items made of carpincho (spotted tanned hide of the capybara, a large rodent) are uniquely Argentine and sold in many of the stores.

    Sub-Type: Shopping Centre
    Address: City Center


    Unless you are looking for a very obscure top of the range bottle (or a sales assistant who knows what they’re talking about), the best place to buy wine in town, in terms of price and variety, is the supermarket Carrefour.

    Latitude: -32.8847669700000 / Longitude:-68.8483364300000
    Sub-Type: Food, Drink
    Opening Hours: 8am-10pm
    Address: Avs Las Heras & Belgrano

    Mercado Artesanal

    This cooperative offers provincial handicrafts, including vertical-loom weavings (Huarpe-style) from northwest Mendoza, horizontal looms (Araucanian-style) from the south, woven baskets from Lagunas del Rosario, and lots of braided, untanned leather horse gear.

    Sub-Type: Market
    Telephone Number: +54 261 420 4239
    Opening Hours: closed Sun
    Address: Av San Martín 1143, City Center
    Extras: Below the provincial tourist office

    Events Overview

    Mendoza’s biggest annual event, the Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia (National Wine Harvest Festival), lasts about a week, from late February to early March. It features a parade on Av. San Martín with floats from each department of the province, numerous concerts and folkloric events, and it all culminates in the coronation of the festival’s queen in the Parque General San Martín amphitheater.

    Activity Overviews

    Once you’ve hadenough fine wine and tramped around the city a bit, get yourself into the Andes, Mendoza’s other claim to fame, for some of the most spectacular mountain scenery you’ll ever set eyes upon. Numerous agencies organize climbing and trekking expeditions, rafting trips, mule trips and cycling trips.

    Aymará Turismo

    Mule trips, trekking, rafting.
    Telephone Number: +54 420-2064
    Address: 9 de Julio 1023


    Betancourt Rafting

    Rafting, mountain biking, paragliding.
    Telephone Number: +54 429-9665
    Address: Lavalle 35, Local 8


    Cabaña La Guatana

    Horseback tours through the vineyards of Maipú.
    Telephone Number: +54 15-668-6801
    Address: Maza 8001, Lulunta, Maipú


    Campo Base Travel & Adventure

    Offers all adventures imaginable from trekking to paragliding (AR$210) to more conventional day trips.
    Telephone Number: +54 425-5511
    Address: Av Sarmiento 229


    Oso Loco

    Full-service ski tours and lessons in Spanish or English. Best quality ski-equipment rental in town. Also brokers a range of on-mountain accommodations, from budget to luxury. Summer activities include sandboarding in nearby Lavalle.
    Telephone Number: +54 630-0026
    Address: Darragueira 558, Chacras de Coria


    Ríos Andinos

    Based in Potrerillos, it specializes in rafting on Río Mendoza. Rafting trips cost AR$80 (35 minutes, Class I-II) to AR$230 (five hours, Class III-IV). Combined rafting and trekking AR$230 per day.
    Telephone Number: +54 429-5030
    Address: Sarmiento 768