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oneworld® is the world’s leading quality airline alliance, bringing together 12 of the world’s biggest and best names in the airline industry and 20 affiliated carriers, all committed to providing world-class service and value.

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oneworld® is the most innovative of the global alliances in developing fares that offer real added value to customers, with highly attractive prices and great flexibility. In fact, the oneworld alliance offers a wider range of fares and sales products than any of its competitors. And most oneworld fares also earn frequent flyer points and miles.

There's something for everyone - whether you're interested in flying round-the-world or exploring one continent, whether you're a captain of industry or a student backpacker.

Because of the vast choice of routing possibilities, bookings for all of them, with the exception of oneworld Explorer, cannot currently be made on-line, but instead through any oneworld member airline or travel agent worldwide. The oneworld Explorer Round-the-World itinerary can now be booked conveniently from your home or office on-line at

oneworld Explorer: One of the most popular, simple, flexible and inexpensive round-the-world fares available on the market. Prices are based on class of travel and, uniquely, the number of continents visited - rather than mileage of the overall trip. This keeps planning as simple as possible. A useful on-line itinerary planner and booking tool for oneworld Explorer journeys is available on*

Global Explorer: Another round-the-world fare, but also including some airlines which are not part of oneworld, extending the choice of destinations further. Unlike oneworld Explorer, the cost of Global Explorer tickets is based on the distance flown, rather than the number of continents visited.

Visit Passes: Eight different multi-sector flights on any combination of oneworld carrier within a specific continent. They offer an inexpensive way to travel around a region. oneworld is the only alliance to offer this sort of pass covering all six continents. Prices are based on the number of sectors selected and the length of each sector.

Circle Explorer (or Circle Indian Ocean): Similar to oneworld Explorer, but does not require travel to North or South America, so you can fly halfway around the globe and then back again, without actually circumnavigating the planet (for example London-Hong Kong-Sydney-Johannesburg-London).

Circle Pacific: Another Explorer variant, this time for trips around the Pacific Ocean, covering Australia/NZ, Asia and North and South America.

Circle Asia & South West Pacific: This fare offers great value and flexibility for multi-continent journeys circling this part of the world. This is an ideal option if your travel originates and terminates in Asia or the South West Pacific region. Fares are based on the total mileage of the journey and the class of travel.

Circle Atlantic: The oneworld Circle Atlantic takes you on a grand tour between Europe, South America and North America, for one price. Available in First, Business and Economy cabins, this fare is based on total mileage travelled and country of sale.


businessflyer™ is a oneworld® corporate travel product that can make a world of difference to your company's travel budget, currently available to small and medium sized organizations in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland with on-line booking available in some of these markets.

If your company's travel needs include travel within Europe, to the Americas, Australia, Asia or Africa, businessflyer is your ticket to instant savings. After a simple, no obligation registration, you will have access to unique airfares that have been developed specifically for companies like yours. The businessflyer fares are flexible and allow last minute changes.

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