LAN will change the itinerary of international flights from and to Peru

As of next Saturday March 30, LAN will change the itinerary of the international flights that operate from and to Lima; thus changing the schedule of almost the entire international operation in the capital of Peru.

The change in the itinerary of international flights is posted on LAN.com since December 2012 and users can inquire about changes in their departure times in Check Itineraries, by calling our Contact Center (1-866- 435-9526), or by asking your Travel Agency. In light of this change, the company also advises passengers to arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance.

LAN regrets any inconveniences this situation may cause to its passengers, but it reiterates that the purpose of such a change is to improve connection alternatives of flights passing through Lima, thus allowing a greater number of flights available throughout the whole day.