LANPASS Benefits

LANPASS Benefits

In this section, you'll find all the information you need about the benefits of our LANPASS Frequent Flyer program.

  • Unlimited upgrades for Comodoro Black and Comodoro members

    With the category Comodoro Black and Comodoro members in mind, LANPASS has designed a unique benefit for them: the unlimited upgrade benefit!

    Comodoro Black and Comodoro members can get free upgrades to the next highest service category on all LAN flights whenever  there is space available, as long as their purchased ticket complies with the minimum rate group.

    Upgrade coupons for LANPASS Elite members

    Upgrade coupons are an exclusive benefit for the LANPASS Elite categories: Comodoro Black and Comodoro, Premium Silver and Premium. 

    With these coupons, Elite members and cardholders of LANPASS credit cards* can go up to a superior service class on LAN flights when there’s availability. They can also be used by someone accompanying the member.

    A travel companion can receive coupons from only one holder. In order to make use of this benefit the holder must arrange the transfer of upgrade coupons to the companion. For example, a Premium member can put their two coupons together with a Premium Silver member’s two coupons and fly on a route that requires four coupons. 

    An Elite member can, on the same flight, give coupons to more than one travel companion. For example, a Premium Silver member can give two coupons to each of their travel companions. Each (one way) coupon can be used for an outbound or return trip. Some destinations, such as the United States, Europe and Australia, require more than one coupon for the outbound and return flights. See how many coupons are needed per route.

    *Applies only for Signature LANPASS Visa cardholders.

    How many coupons does each member receive?

    The number of coupons that each member receives depends on their member category. The coupons for Comodoro Black and Comodoro members are for their travel companions, since Comodoro Black and Comodoro members have the right to unlimited upgrades subject to space availability.

    If the member qualifies for more than one category within the same period, the upgrade coupons from each category cannot be accumulated.

    When will I receive the coupons?

    Every time you change category, your new upgrade coupons will be added to your account after 12 days. In this way, you can consult the details of your available and used coupons, available electronically in your upgrade statement at

    How many coupons are needed to apply for an upgrade?

    Check the number of coupons needed for the route on which you’re going to fly and the minimum fare required to apply for an upgrade. If your ticket has already been issued and does not comply with the minimum rate group required to benefit from an upgrade, you may ask for your ticket to be reissued according to a higher rate group, paying the difference and subject to the rate’s regulations and availability at the time. This can be done before the flight at LAN offices and through the Contac Center, paying by credit card.

    Important: LAN offices at airports are not authorized to carry out this type of ticket reissue.


    How do I apply for an Upgrade using coupons or unlimited Comodoro Black and Comodoro Upgrades?

    You can apply for an upgrade through:

    1.- Web check-in: when you check in through, go to the link that offers you the chance to apply for your upgrade over the web and follow the steps indicated.

    2.- or Mobile for Smartphones: after checking in, you can apply for your upgrade to a higher class through the ‘Upgrade Application’ option.

    3.- Contact Center: if necessary, get in touch with our Contact Center, choosing option 5.

    How can I find out where I stand on the Upgrade request list?

    Once you have made your Upgrade request, you will be able to go to “My Upgrade requests” on with your reservation information, and there you can see online where you stand on the Upgrade request list.

    Remember that your position may change until the time of depature of your flight. See more.

    What requirements are needed to apply for an upgrade using coupons or unlimited Comodoro Black and Comodoro Upgrades?

    • You must travel on a flight sold and operated by LAN.
    • You must travel on a ticket that has been paid for (promotions involving kms. + $ and some vacation programs are excluded).
    • You must purchase a ticket in a rate group that allows for the upgrade benefit to be used.
    • Don’t forget that tickets can come from different rate groups for the outbound and return trips and application for the upgrade benefit is validated separately according to the outbound and return rate groups paid.

      Example:  Outbound: Santiago-Lima, Flexible rate group: Upgrade application permitted.  Return: Lima-Santiago, Base rate group: Upgrade application not permitted.
    • That there is availability in the class to which you want to upgrade.
    • Comply with the number of coupons necessary per route.
    • A companion can only use the coupons of a holder they are travelling with.
    • Minors travelling on child and/or infant discount rates may not apply for LANPASS Upgrades. This benefit is only applicable to child passengers travelling on adult-rated airfares. Infant passengers may not apply to this benefit on any airfare. 
    • You cannot use the LANPASS Upgrade bonus on discounted or complementary fares.
    • The coupon is valid up to the date indicated in the Upgrade Statement.
    • LAN reserves the right to change the conditions applicable to the upgrade benefit with 30 days notice.