Travel to Tumbes, Peru - Visit South AmericaDestination guide: Tumbes, Peru

Tumbes is in northern Peru and, thanks to its location, has an excellent climate during most of the year.

Among its natural attractions, Tumbes has beautiful beaches, extensive forests and impressive mangrove swamps that surprise tourists.

Fly with LAN and get to know the Puerto Pizarro beach resort, venture deep into the abundant vegetation of this region of South America and enjoy the exquisite cuisine of Tumbes, which uses a lot of seafood.

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Only 30 km from the Ecuadorean border, Tumbes is in a uniquely green part of coastal Peru, where dry deserts magically turn into mangroves and an expanse of ecological reserves stretches in all directions. It’s also the springboard for trips to the excellent and popular beaches of Máncora, two hours further south. The nearby national reserves are distinctive and a boon for nature buffs.

Tumbes was an Inca town when it was first sighted by Pizarro in 1528. Pizarro invited an Inca noble to dine aboard his ship and sent ashore two of his men, who reported the existence of an obviously well-organized and fabulously rich civilization. Based on those accounts Pizarro returned a few years later to begin his conquest of Peru. Present-day Tumbes is about 5km northeast of the old Inca city, which is marked on maps as San Pedro de los Incas. The Panamericana passes through the site. Despite its interesting history, Tumbes’s real appeal is its convenient access to the ecological reserves.

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