Travel to Pucallpa, Peru - Visit South AmericaDestination guide: Pucallpa, Peru

Pucallpa is a city in the heart of the low-altitude rainforest in Peru.

Thanks to its exceptional geographical location, it offers visitors exuberant vegetation, ideal for adventure tourism and for spotting wildlife.

Fly to Pucallpa and marvel at the secrets of the Peruvian Amazon.

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The busy port of Pucallpa, Peru’s only jungle settlement to be connected by paved road to the rest of the country, has a distinctly less jungle-like appearance than other Amazonian towns. Although this is an important distribution center for goods along the broad, Río Ucayali, which sweeps past the city en route to join the Río Amazonas, the rainforest feels far away. After all those miles of tropical travel to get here, Pucallpa seems underwhelming.

It’s a lively enough place come sundown and most importantly, a starting point for a spectacular river adventure north to Iquitos and, if time and inclination allow, on to Brazil and the Atlantic.

Beyond the city sprawl, there are reasons for the traveler to linger: interesting indigenous communities to visit and river lodges to relax at.

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