QuitoDestination guide: Quito, Ecuador

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is in the Andes, about 2,800 meters above sea level. Walking through its streets, you can see the contrasts between its old buildings, which combine both contemporary and colonial elements. Quito’s inhabitants are very hospitable to tourists, making it the perfect destination for your vacation. Ask about our offers for tickets to Quito and fly with LAN Airlines.

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High in the Andes, amid dramatic, mist-covered peaks, Quito is a beautifully located city packed with historical monuments and architectural treasures. It’s a city with a vibrant civic scene and a fascinating collection of neighborhoods. Dining, drinking and merrymaking are all part of the equatorial experience in the world’s second-highest capital.

Quito’s jewel is its historic center, or old town as it’s often called. A Unesco World Heritage site, this handsomely restored neighborhood blooms with 17th-century facades, picturesque plazas and magnificent churches that blend Spanish, Moorish and indigenous elements. It’s also home to the presidential palace, which presides over the animated streets full of people from all walks of society mingling throughout the day. Just north of the old town lies the aptly named new town a modern and bustling collection of neighborhoods, intersected by noisy avenues and sprinkled with high-rises. The magnet for travelers is the Mariscal Sucre, a condensed area of guesthouses, travel agencies, diverse eateries and a pulsing nightlife scene. plenty of quiteños (Quito residents) frequent the bars and restaurants here.

Quito is an alluring city for wanderers, where a day’s saunter can lead past little-explored cobblestone lanes through lively markets and shops, and on up into hilly neighborhoods where breathtaking views lurk around every corner. Not surprisingly, the capital is a popular place to enroll in a Spanish school and stay for a while - perhaps far longer than planned, as more than a few captivated expats can attest.

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