CaliDestination guide: Cali, Colombia

Cali - also called “the Branch of Heaven” - is a city in south-western Colombia with a spring-like climate during most of the year and warmhearted and hospitable inhabitants, making it a favorite destination of travelers to South America. Cali is also considered one of the country’s main business hubs, due to its sugar industry.

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Caleños shrug off criticism of their city with the saying, ‘Cali es Cali y lo demás es loma, ¿oís?’ (Cali is Cali, and the rest [of Colombia] is just mountain, ya hear?).
Those who spend some time here - will find a welcoming, friendly city with great nightlife, good restaurants, and plenty to do, especially in the evening, when a cool mountain breeze dissipates the heat of the day.
Go to San Antonio, the old colonial center, and linger over a beer or ice cream in the park, or better still, a champú or lulada, both fruit drinks made with lulo, a unique Colombian fruit typical of the Valle de Cauca, of which Cali is the capital. Wander through Barrio Granada’s many upscale restaurants and boutiques, or hang out at Chipichape shopping mall
Nowhere are Colombia’s racial diversity and harmony, and the incredible beauty of Colombian women, more apparent than here. Cali women are nationally renowned for their sense of style and beauty, and the way they carry themselves.

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