Destination guide: Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and one of the most beautiful cities in South America. It borders the Atlantic Ocean and, in each of its corners, you’ll find friendly, warmhearted people who welcome foreigners with open arms.

Fly with LAN to Montevideo and dance to the rhythm of milonga and tango, marvel at the colonial architecture of its historical center and enjoy the best of Uruguayan cuisine, with barbecues, pasties and sparkling wine.

  • Montevideo - Things to do


    Casa Garibaldi

    Casa Garibaldi is where Guiseppe Garibaldi once lived. The 19th-century Italian nationalist hero spent years of exile in Montevideo following a revolt against the monarchy. Not a bad place to go into hiding, really.

    Latitude: -34.9071908791018 / Longitude: -56.2089729309082
    Sub-Type: Architectural, Cultural
    Opening Hours: 11:00-17:00 Tue-Fri, 11:00-16:00 Sat
    : 25 de Mayo, Ciudad Vieja / Extras: btwn Solís & Colón

    Mausoleo de Artigas

    In the middle of the downtown Plaza Independencia is the Mausoleo de Artigas, whose aboveground portion is a 17m, 30-ton statue of the country's independence hero. Below street level an honor guard keeps 24-hour vigil over Artigas' remains.

    Latitude: -34.9065133914567 / Longitude: -56.1995422840118
    Sub-Type: Dark
    Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00
    Address: Plaza Independencia, Centro.

    Palacio Salvo

    On the east side of the Plaza Independencia, the 26-story structure with the crazy beehive hairdo is Palacio Salvo, the continent's tallest building when it opened in 1927.

    Latitude: -34.9066717656926 / Longitude: -56.1981368064880
    Sub-Type: Palace
    Address: Plaza Independencia, Centro

    Plaza Independencia

    Plaza Independencia is at the heart of Montevideo's Ciudad Vieja. This broad square, lined with palms, is dominated by a huge statue of José Artigas, Uruguay's greatest hero. You can pay your respects to Artigas at his underground tomb beneath the statue.

    Latitude: -34.9065045928791 / Longitude: -56.1994457244873
    Sub-Type: Dark
    Opening Hours: mausoleum 09:00-17:00
    Address: Juncal, Ciudad Vieja, 11000 / Extras: W entrance Av 18 de Julio.

    Yacht Harbor

    The Yacht Harbor in Buceo, just east of Pocitos beach, is a picturesque spot for a stroll and a popular Sunday afternoon hangout.

    Latitude: -34.9094784584166 / Longitude: -56.1307168006897
    Sub-Type: Harbour, Port
    Address: Buceo


    Buffet Atlantida

    The selection here is mindblowing - pastas, parrillada and Chinese food, as well as daily specials like roast pork. Undeniable value for those with big stomachs and small budgets.

    Latitude: -34.9071644835839 / Longitude: -56.1939418315887
    Sub-Type: Buffet
    Price Range: Low
    Address: San José 1020, Centro

    Euskal Erria

    An excellent selection of Basque and Spanish dishes are on offer here, as is the best paella in town. Cheap jarras (jugs) of red wine are bound to keep you hanging around.

    Latitude: -34.9069093264736 / Longitude: -56.1902296543121
    Sub-Type: Paella
    Price Range: Moderate
    Address: San José 1168, Centro

    Lobizón 7

    Popular with young montevideanos, with inexpensive lunch specials including gramajo (a calorie-packed house special of eggs, ham and French fries). Live music some nights.

    Latitude: -34.9068917294023 / Longitude: -56.1896395683289
    : South American
    Price Range: Moderate
    Address: Zelmar Michelini 1325, Centro / Extras: nr Plaza Cagancha



    A huge rambling place with outdoor seating and pool tables upstairs.

    Latitude: -34.9061526490015 / Longitude: -56.2018167972565
    Sub-Type: Bar
    Address: Bartolomé Mitre 1322, Ciudad Vieja.

    El Pony Pisador

    This thriving bar and disco has two locations in Montevideo featuring live music nightly; depending on the evening and the location, you may find yourself dancing to blues, Brazilian, flamenco, oldies, soul, Latin or rock covers in English and Spanish. The Pocitos branch occasionally also hosts stand-up comics.

    Latitude: -34.9069880900000 / Longitude: -56.2016959600000
    Sub-Type: Bar
    Telephone Number: +598 2915 7470
    Website: www.elponypisador.com.uy

    Viejo Mitre

    With comfy couches on the sidewalk, this is a great place to kick back and contemplate Ciudad Vieja street life.

    Latitude: -34.9071644835839 / Longitude: -56.2016451358795
    Sub-Type: Bar
    Telephone Number: +598 2 916 8259
    Opening Hours: 18:00-late Tue-Sun
    Address: Bartolomé Mitre 1321, Ciudad Vieja.

    Events Overview

    Much livelier than its Buenos Aires counterpart, Montevideo’s late-summer Carnaval is the cultural highlight of the year.

    At Parque Prado, north of downtown, Semana Criolla festivities during Semana Santa (Holy Week) include displays of gaucho skills, asados and other such events.

    In the last weekend of September or first weekend of October, Montevideo’s museums, churches, and historic homes all open their doors free to the public during the Días del Patrimonio (National Heritage Days).