Destination guide: Tahiti, Polynesia

Tahiti is in the South Pacific and is the biggest island in Polynesia. Its capital is Papeete, its official language is French and its economy is mainly based on tourism.

Together with the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora, Tahiti is a true paradise which hundreds of tourists from all four corners of the globe come to visit. If you're looking for an unforgettable vacation, check out our promotions and travel to Tahiti with LAN Airlines.

  • Tahiti

    This is the heart of French Polynesia and it would be a shame to bypass the waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, unpretentiously beautiful black-sand beaches and distinctly Polynesian buzz that make Tahiti a gem in its own right.

    The island is very much centred on Pape’ete. To islanders addicted to the city pace of life, this is the only place to be and they lap up the nightlife, cinemas, music and endless array of food on hand.

    While visiting Pape’ete is a must, it’s the outdoor action outside the city and cultural offerings that woo visitors to extend their stay. Hike through archaeological sites, up never-ending river valleys and past coastlines dotted with wild passionfruit. In July catch the country’s most spectacular festival, the percussion and dance-heavy Heiva, and from July to October go whale-watching with far fewer tourists than you’ll find on Mo’orea. Year-round on Tahiti Iti there’s a chance there will be big waves at Teahupoo and you can hire a boat to watch pro surfers tackle the break’s cavernous tube up close.

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