Destination guide: La Serena, Chile

La Serena is one of the most visited beach resorts in Chile, especially during the summer, when the beaches and great climate of the central-northern zone captivate both Chilean and foreign tourists. Its inhabitants have also made sure they have preserved its colonial architecture, especially in the historic center, keeping the spirit of the city alive. They have also known how to recount the stories and legends of the privateers and pirates who came to its coast in search of treasure.

Fly with LAN and visit the cathedral, the Lighthouse, the Japanese Park, the Recova, the Elqui Valley and many other interesting places near La Serena.

  • La Serena - Things to do


    Museo Arqueológico

    The crescent-shaped archaeological museum makes an ambitious attempt to corral Chile’s pre-Columbian past. Its highlights include Atacameña mummies, a hefty 2.5m-high moai (large anthropomorphic statues) from Easter Island and interesting Diaguita artifacts that include a dinghy made from sea-lion hide.

    Latitude: -29.9033814024030 / Longitude:-71.2470299005508
    Sub-Type: Museum
    International Number: (56-51) 224 492
    Opening Hours: 9:30am-5:50pm Tue-Fri, 10am-1pm & 4-7pm Sat, 10am-1pm Sun
    Pricing: adult/child CH$600/300, Sun admission free
    Address: cnr Cordovez & Cienfuegos

    Observatorio Turístico Collowara

    This shiny new observatory is built for tourists; no serious interstellar research is conducted here, but the facility boasts a 40cm (16in) telescope for stargazing. Book at the ticket office in nearby Andacollo, and inquire there about transport to the hilltop observatory. Since the sessions are late, you can either stay overnight in Andacollo, or take an organized tour from La Serena.

    Sub-Type: Science
    International Number: (56-51) 432 964
    Website: www.collowara.cl
    Opening Hours: two-hour tours: summer 21:00, 22:30 & 23:30
    Pricing: concession US$4.00, full US$6.00, child US$2.60
    Address: 599 Urmeneta St, Andacollo

    Kokoro No Niwa

    With its trickling brooks, drifting swans and neatly manicured rock gardens, this Japanese garden makes a good escape from the city. It is at the southern end of Parque Pedro de Valdivia.

    Sub-Type: Park
    International Number: (56-51) 217 013
    Opening Hours: 10am-6pm
    Pricing: adult/child CH$600/300