Clases de Servicio LANProviding Quality Service to our Clients

Since client satisfaction is one of our priorities, we go to great lengths to implement practices that guarantee an efficient, fluid and friendly relationship, promoting a culture of service among our collaborators.


Every stage, from planning a trip to post sales, is a value proposal which, added to other service solutions, enables us to mark the difference and provide our customers with the best travel experience.  In order to retain their preference, we have been working on several programs since 2009, among them “Service Culture,” whereby we seek to win over the hearts of our passengers and become the best airline in South America in terms of service.

Moreover, through the “New Way to Fly”, the new business model developed by LAN since 2007, we have revolutionized traveling, making our services more accessible and community-friendly. This has been possible due to the substantial drop in prices, broader itineraries, new flight schedules, discounts at hotels and tourist packages, among other novelties.  All this has been a significant contribution to connectivity and the promotion of domestic tourism in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Peru and has enabled fulfilling the dreams of thousands of people of flying for the first time.