Clases de Servicio LANBeing Responsible Citizens

In order to contribute to “today’s destinations being the same as tomorrow’s,” in LAN we are committed to the region: we provide humanitarian aid in case of catastrophes and accidents, promote responsible tourism and care for the environment and encourage children to explore the aviation world.os.

Humanitarian aid on the continent

Another aspect of LAN’s social contribution is its ongoing willingness to collaborate with different civil organizations and to support communities by transporting humanitarian aid when they have been affected by different natural catastrophes.

In fact, the company’s inclination to provide aid and collaboration dates back to 1939, when there was a massive earthquake in the city of Chillán in Chile.  On that occasion, LAN set up an air bridge from Santiago to the disaster area, transporting material aid and rescue teams and evacuating the wounded and homeless.

Since then, the company has always been ready and willing to help in case of natural catastrophes or accidents, making available to the authorities all the assistance required in rescue and reconstruction efforts.