LAN Service ClassesLAN Service Classes

Enjoy the comfort of our Premium Business class seats. Enjoy the space and entertainment of Premium Economy or discover the exclusive design of our Economy Class.

LAN Service Classes

Discover the difference it makes to fly LAN

Our service classes have been designed to provide you with the best travel experience possible. On your next long distance flight, our Premium Business class will provide you with the highest level of service in order to guarantee your rest - with fully flat, 100% horizontal seats. For regional flights, our Premium Economy class provides you with all the space and comfort you need for your next trip. And to make sure time will fly while traveling with us, check out are redesigned Economy class, which features more space and better entertainment.

Enjoy the experience only LAN can provide.

Live the LAN experience

Live the LAN experience

Take a virtual tour of our Economy and Premium Business cabins and experience flying with LAN.

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