LANPASS Benefits

Apply for upgrades with coupons for tickets redeemed with LANPASS KMS.

Apply for an upgrade with coupons or the Comodoro unlimited upgradefor tickets redeemed with LANPASS KMS.

  • Apply for an upgrade with coupons or the Comodoro unlimited upgrade for tickets redeemed with LANPASS KMS.

    You can take advantage of this benefit through or when you check in at the airport. However, we recommend that you apply in advance when you check in through

    Upgrade coupons are an exclusive benefit of the LANPASS Elite categories: Comodoro, Premium Silver and Premium. With these coupons, Elite members can go up to a higher service class for free on LAN flights when there is space available. They can also be used by a member’s travel companion. A travel companion can only receive coupons from a member with whom they are traveling.

    What are the requirements for applying for an upgrade using coupons or Comodoro unlimited coupons for tickets redeemed with LANPASS KM?

    1. The upgrades can only be used for flights sold and operated by LAN.
    2. For minors, only child passengers travelling with 100% reward tickets – tickets redeemed at the adult fare – can use them. Infants cannot use the LANPASS upgrade benefit.
    3. To use your upgrade coupons, you must travel on a ticket redeemed with LANPASS KMS. and provide your membership number when you check in.
    4. You must comply with the number of coupons needed per route
    5. There must be space available in the cabin to which you want to upgrade.
    6. Upgrades do not apply for passengers with reward tickets from other companies who are flying with LAN.
    7. The coupons to be used should belong to at least one of the people travelling and they can use them themselves or give them to a companion travelling on the same flight.
    8. The upgrade applies equally, irrespective of the reward ticket's redemption level: Classic, Plus or Full. The number of coupons needed per route must be complied with.
    9. The coupon is valid up to the date indicated in the Upgrade Statement.
    10. LAN reserves the right to modify the conditions applying to the upgrade benefit with 30 days' notice.

    How can I find out where I stand on the Upgrade request list?

    Once you have made your Upgrade request, you will be able to go to “My Upgrade requests” on with your reservation information, and there you can see online where you stand on the Upgrade request list.

    Remember that your position may change until the time of depature of your flight. See more.

    Important: LAN airport offices are not authorized to carry out this type of ticket reissue.