LANPASS Benefits

LANPASS Benefits

In this section, you'll find all the information you need about the benefits of our LANPASS Frequent Flyer program.

  • Although the oneworld® alliance does not offer its own frequent flyer programme, if you are a member of a frequent flyer programme of any oneworld airline, your rewards and privileges are extended throughout the oneworld alliance.

    oneworld benefits by category

    As a LANPASS member, you'll also accumulate in order to go up a category each time you take a oneworld flight. To go up a category, you must fly at least 30 segments on LAN flights that allow for category qualifying kilometers to be earned.

    Due to the fact that every oneworld airline has different names for the three highest categories in their Frequent Flyer programs, the alliance has created a group of names based on precious gems and which are common to all the oneworld airlines:

    • Emerald - LANPASS Comodoro Black
    • Emerald - LANPASS Comodoro
    • Sapphire - LANPASS Premium Silver
    • Ruby - LANPASS Premium

    If you belong to one of these categories you will be able to redeem your LANPASS kilometers on alliance airlines, and you will be entitled to preferential and pre-reservation seating, reservations and waiting list priority order and, depending on your category, you may also access the VIP lounges, preferential check-in and boarding.

    LAN category
    oneworld level benefits






    Preferential Business Class check-in Punto Punto Punto
    Prior seat reservation or access to preferential seats* Punto Punto Punto
    Members given priority for waiting lists and standby* Punto Punto Punto
    Access to Business Class VIP salons Punto Punto
    Preferential boarding** Punto Punto
    Fast track lane in security lines* Punto
    Additional luggage allowed
    Access to preferential First Class check-in*
    Access to First Class VIP salons*

    *In accordance to oneworld airline operator policies.

    **Direct access to the plane is subject to the boarding through the tube, which depends on the availability of each airport.