LANPASS Benefits

LANPASS Benefits

In this section, you'll find all the information you need about the benefits of our LANPASS Frequent Flyer program.

  • Fly using your kms.

    Fly with LAN and your next flight could be free

    If you're a member of our LANPASS Frequent Flyer program, you earn kilometers for flights on LAN, TAM our associated airlines, and oneworld alliance member airlines. You can then use these kilometers for your next flights and fly for free to the destination of your choice.

    How do I credit kilometers from a flight to my LANPASS account?

    There are three different ways to do this:

    • The easiest way to earn kilometers from a flight is at the counter when you check in. Let us know your membership number and ask for the kilometers to be added to your LANPASS account (valid for LAN, TAM or for any of the airlines associated to LANPASS). This information will be included in the printed version of your boarding pass, with the LA code that indicates that the kms. were added to your LANPASS account.
    • When you buy or book your ticket at our offices or through For the latter, enter your membership number at stage 4 of the purchase process (where you enter the passenger's details) for the kms. to be automatically credited.
    • If you forgot to give your LANPASS membership number at the counter or when you bought your ticket, you can ask for the kms. to be credited after you've flown through, click here.

    Give your membership number and don't miss out on the chance to earn kilometers that’ll allow you to fly for free sooner than you imagined!

    How many kms. do I earn?

    How many kms. you earn depends on where you travel to, the fare group your ticket belongs to and your membership category.

    To find out how many kilometers you’ll earn according to your destination and fare group, click here.

    Kilometers earned for your LANPASS member category:

    Bonuses for your trip depend on your LANPASS membership category.

    • Premium Members receive a bonus of 25% more kms, calculated according to the distance traveled, for LAN, TAM and American Airlines flights.
    • Premium Silver and Comodoro members receive a bonus of 100% more kilometers, calculated according to the distance traveled, for LAN, TAM and American Airlines flights.

    *As well as LAN flights, you can earn LANPASS KMS. when you fly with any of the program’s associated airlines and when you choose the services and products of our affiliated companies. Take advantage and earn all the kms. you can.