• History

    In August of 2010, LAN and TAM communicated their intention to combine the two holdings into a single entity called “LATAM Airlines Group”. Together they have more than 40 thousand employees, around 280 aircraft and 115 destinations in 23 countries. They also offer worldwide freight services. Review the history of each company.

    History of LAN

    LAN was founded as a state enterprise in 1929 to provide passenger, cargo, and postal air transportation services.

    After operating for 60 years as a state enterprise, in 1989, the Chilean government sold 51% of its equity stake to domestic investors and to Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS), thus beginning the process of privatization.

    This process came to a culmination in 1994, when the current controlling shareholders, together with other major shareholders, acquired 98.7% of the company's equity, including all holdings still owned by the government. Since then, LAN has launched a program of decisive domestic and international expansion.

    In 2000, LAN joined oneworld (TM), a global partnership of leading affiliated airlines and air transport companies, providing an extensive network of routes for our passengers.

    In that same year, LAN began a program to update its Airbus passenger fleet with 27 new aircraft.

    Later, in 2004, a change was made in the company's corporate identity, and the company became known as LAN Airlines S.A. This brand consistency allows our customers to better identify the top service and safety standards of LAN Airlines, LAN Express, LAN Peru, LAN Ecuador, and LAN Argentina, as well as LAN Cargo and its subsidiaries. In November 2010, LAN acquired AIRES, a Colombian airline.

    Currently, LAN AIRLINES and its subsidiaries operate 118 passenger aircraft, while LAN CARGO and its subsidiaries have 13 cargo aircraft, featuring one of the most modern fleets in the world, resulting in greater efficiency and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, a reflection of its standing commitment to environmental protection.

    Safety: Our top priority

    As a firm we structure our operations and maintenance around the safety of all of our flights. Our technical service facilities are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGAC), and other civil aviation authorities. Additionally, our flight procedures are certified under ISO 9001-2000 standards.

    We have established training programs for flight crews and mechanics according to the highest standards, both at facilities abroad and at our own training centers, which we have developed together with our trusted partners.

    Excellence in transportation

    In the area of passenger transportation, at LAN Airlines we work hard to achieve superior performance and on-time rating. Likewise, we focus on providing top-rate onboard service, attractive pricing, quick and convenient baggage check, and all the comforts of a modern fleet.

    With regard to cargo operations, our focus is on offering a reliable service, maximizing capacity for different cargo types and larger volumes, and making better use of our facilities at key hubs to satisfy the needs of our clients and customers.