Destination guide: Arequipa, Peru

Located in the extreme south of Peru is the city of Arequipa. The "White City", as it is known locally, houses temples and has grand houses built using volcanic rock, which gives them a unique appearance.

In 2000, Unesco declared Arequipa and the surrounding area a World Heritage Site, which has boosted tourism in the region.

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  • Arequipa

    Rocked by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes nearly every century since the Spanish arrived in 1532, Peru’s second-largest city doesn’t lack for drama. Locals sometimes say ‘When the moon separated from the earth, it forgot to take Arequipa, ’ waxing lyrical about the city’s grand colonial buildings, built from an off-white volcanic rock called sillar that dazzles in the sun. As a result, Arequipa has been baptized the Ciudad Blanca (White City). Its distinctive stonework graces the stately Plaza de Armas, along with countless beautiful colonial churches, monasteries and mansions scattered throughout the city.

    What makes this city so irresistible is the obvious relish with which its citizens enjoy all of the good things that life has to offer, especially the region’s spicy food, stylish shopping and nightlife.

    The pulse of city life is upbeat. The streets are full of jostling vendors, bankers, artists, students and nuns – in short, a microcosm of modern Peru.

    Arequipeños are a proud people fond of intellectual debate, especially about their fervent political beliefs, which find voice through regular demonstrations in the Plaza de Armas. The celebration of the city’s founding, every August 15, passionately puts an exclamation point on this regionalist pride.

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