Destination guide: Neuquen, Argentina

Neuquen is in the middle of Argentine Patagonia and its natural treasures leave tourists fascinated. Its imposing landscape, ski centers, rivers for fly fishing, hot springs and exquisite cuisine make this city a destination in South America that can’t be missed.

Take advantage of our promotions on flights to Neuquen and visit the astronomical observatory, Patagonian parks and the wine route and see the legacy left at the end of the world by dinosaurs.

  • Neuquen

    There are two reasons to stop in Neuquen – the wealth of paleontological sites in the surrounding area, and the three excellent wineries just out of town. That said, the town has a strangely hypnotic effect, with its wide, tree-lined boulevards and liberal smattering of plazas.
    If you find yourself hanging around, make sure you take a stroll through Parque Central, a strip of reclaimed railway land that is slowly filling up with public art, sculptures, fountains and galleries.

    Most travelers hit Neuquen en route to destinations in Patagonia and the Lake District – the town is the area’s principal transport hub, with good connections to Bariloche and other Lake District destinations, to the far south and to Chile.

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