Destination guide: Malargue, Argentina

Malargue is in the Argentine province of Mendoza, approximately 1,500 meters above sea level. In the surrounding area, there are large rock formations, great for activities such as ecotourism, trekking, climbing and horse riding, as well as many others. Malargue also has important natural reserves where you can find lagoons, caves and dormant volcanoes. 

Even in winter, the city receives hundreds of tourists who plan their trip to Malargue to take advantage of the snow at the Las Lenas ski center.

  • Malargue

    Despite serving as a base for Las Leñas, one of Argentina’s ski resorts, Malargüe is a mellow little town. For skiers it’s a cheaper alternative to the luxury hotels on the mountain, and people staying here get a 50% discount on lift tickets (hotels provide vouchers) provided they rent their gear on the mountain.

    The dry precordillera that surrounds the town is geologically distinct from the Andes proper, and two fauna reserves, Payén and Laguna Llancancelo, are close by. Caving is possible at Caverna de Las Brujas and Pozo de las Animas. The nearby Parque Provincial Payunia is a 4500-sq-km reserve with the highest concentration of volcanic cones in the world.

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