Sign up for SKYBOX and receive 2,000 LANPASS km

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SkyBOX is a leading Latin American provider of delivery service for purchases made in the United States. SkyBOX provides you with an address in the United States, where you can have all the purchases you make in that country sent.

Once the products arrive at your address, SkyBOX will take care of the international air transport, customs and delivery to your doorstep, all at the most competitive prices on the market.

You no longer have to travel or have friends bring you things back in order to shop in the United States. You can get the latest products well before the stores in your country have them in stock (if they ever do). Shop at the best prices and avoid additional surcharges. You can save up to 350 percent. SkyBOX will bring your purchase to your home or office, saving you the hassle of customs, etc.

How to have the kilometers accredited to your LANPASS account:

You will receive a bonus of 2,000 LANPASS kilometers by signing up at*

Learn more about SkyBOX services at

( * The signup fee is US$48; LANPASS clients pay US$24 the first year).